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Grow With Us

Real estate—commercial, industrial and residential—are all on the upswing in the area. 516 residential units in 2016, with $143 million in housing value.

  • Over 5,600 new units proposed on Innisfil’s border, in South Barrie near Stroud, in addition to the local population increase that is expected to reach over 56,000
  • Friday Harbour Resort – with the development of up to 2,600 seasonal ownership units—will optimize tourism development, increase economic activity and improve the fiscal and infrastructure growth of Innisfil and throughout the area
  • Tens of thousands of square feet to be developed for commercial and residential uses along Innisfil Beach road in Alcona!

We’re Innovating!

  • “Canada’s First Ridesharing and Transit Partnership” is just one of the local innovations occurring in the areas of development, telecommunications, health care, and transit.
  • Innisfil needed a transit system that would service the needs of the population: a partnership with Uber was the solution. Innisfil Transit is an on-demand, cost-effective shared transportation option powered by Uber and subsidized by the town.
  • ideaLAB. Combined with the library, the ideaLAB provides innovations that help business move forward: 3D printing, green screen and more.
  • Internet access is up to gigabit on fibre internet, available in the commercial and industrial areas, so nothing will slow you down!
  • Get in on the ground floor of this growing community!

We’re Living the Lifestyle!

Having a cottage lifestyle 365 days of the year is the dream. Finishing a work day and hopping in the boat for a quick ride before dinner is the ideal. From beaches and lakeside dining to modern recreational and health facilities, you’ve got everything you could possibly need or want, right in Innisfil.

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