The Town of Innisfil Is Looking For Partners

The Town of Innisfil Is Looking for Partners

One of the major goals of the town of Innisfil is to create a community where businesses thrive. We are accomplishing that by walking the walk! 

Our partnerships with organizations that provide creative solutions to problems facing most every community is how we innovate, demonstrating to businesses that we’re ready and able to help them grow, scale and succeed!

Right now, 82% of the population of Innisfil travel elsewhere for work. This is more or less true of all rural communities throughout the province. While some towns look to attract large businesses to provide high wage employment, we’re looking to innovate in a different way. 

By working with partners to develop a community that is focused on helping scalable startups to succeed, we can create a network of people who live and work in Innisfil, leveraging our unique infrastructure and supports, while also enjoying a lifestyle that is second to none.

Partnerships that work

In our vision of growing into the ultimate hub for startups begins and ends with applying the same principles of scalable growth to our own endeavours. Like what?

Uber — Innisfil didn’t have a viable public transportation option. The cost of implementing a system run and maintained by the township would have been prohibitive, particularly given the geographical spread of our area. The creative solution was to apply an existing network to the problem, so that rather than reinventing the wheel, we’re able to offer our residents and visitors a real alternative to traditional buses. In a partnership with Uber, discounted rates are available for travel within the township. This allows everyone the ability to get around without establishing a costly infrastructure and has the added bonus that Innisfil can leverage the data collected about riders, frequency of trips and geographic locations of trips. This is all very good data for startups looking to figure out there local demographics!

Cryptocurrency Innisfil is the first municipality in Canada to accept cryptocurrency for payments being made to the town, including property taxes, through our partnership with Coinberry. It’s an example of how Innisfil is working to be on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Cryptocurrency gives residents more options to pay their taxes and as fintech becomes a reality in the world around us, Innisfil is on the forefront.

Rover Parking — Even smaller communities have high-density neighbourhoods, so to deal with parking congestion, Innisfil has partnered with Rover Parking. Using this mobile app, residents can rent their otherwise empty driveway spaces to others, on an hourly, daily or even overnight basis. It’s a wonderful innovation, which lowers street congestion and makes street cleaning easier in the winter. It’s a win-win for residents and visitors. 

The Town of Innisfil is just like every other entrepreneur that chooses our lifestyle focused location to build their scalable business: we’re a startup too and we’re always on the lookout for innovative partnerships to expand our out of the box solutions, bringing scalable and lakeside living together in one place.

Innisfil Accelerates

Startups, as a rule, have a high failure rate, but that tends to be true in situations where the entrepreneurs and their businesses aren’t properly supported. With Innisfil Accelerates, we aim to be the support that startups need to succeed. 

Building a support network for entrepreneurs that includes co-working spaces, networking opportunities, investor/mentor and workshop/training opportunities, Innisfil is and will continue to be an incubator of scalable businesses that will, in turn, provide more opportunity for partnerships and creative solutions to everyday issues.

Do you have a possible partnership business idea you’d like to try out in Innisfil? Connect with us. 

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