Mastering Work-Life Blend as an Entrepreneur

Mastering a Work-Life Blend as an Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, when you hear someone talk about work-life balance, you likely find yourself chuckling. It typically doesn’t exist for business owners, and is less likely to exist if you’re creating a start-up. In fact, the concept of work-life balance has become outdated. Work-life balance implies harmony between the two, but as an entrepreneur you are burning the candle at both ends to meet the demands of work and home. 


Welcome to the new concept of work-life blend; that is, how you bring work into life and life into work. This concept is more realistic in today’s environment of instant communication and technology, and allows us to multitask between the two worlds of work and life. 


The refreshing concept of a work-life blend has also grown due to the increasing number of entrepreneurs abandoning the hustle of urban centres and looking for alternative locations for their business. Housing prices, traffic, cost of living, the outdoor environment and social activities are now playing an important role in where to start-up and run a business.


The solution: find a place to live and work that satisfies your lifestyle, while meeting the needs of a scalable start-up. 

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur in Innisfil


Living and working in Innisfil is the perfect way to master the work-life blend. Everyday is like a workcation, offering a unique entrepreneurial lifestyle with a cost of living that puts more within your reach. 


Enjoy your morning coffee at home surrounded by trees and nature. Larger lots, outdoor living spaces, pools and beautiful gardens are a common feature. No need to rush when traffic doesn’t exist and the lack of a commute frees up time for more enjoyable activities. Instead, get the kids ready for school, tend to the gardens, go for a run or walk at Innisfil Beach Park, or head to the Innisfil YMCA on the chillier days. 


Head into work, but say goodbye to traditional office spaces. The ideaLAB and Library are the perfect homebase for your scalable start-up. Find a quiet pod to work in and take advantage of the digital media lab to design business cards or logos, record podcasts, create videos, and more. It’s free to use and offers access to high-end design software, tools, and equipment. For larger space requirements or to host a meeting, rooms are also available for rent by the hour. 


In the warmer months, why not work from a patio? Research shows that working outdoors increases happiness, boosts energy, improves memory and provides stress relief — something that busy entrepreneurs can certainly benefit from. Sit at Starbucks on Friday Harbour for your afternoon coffee — the perfect backdrop for inspiration. 


Have a business lunch with clients at a local restaurant, such as Fishbone at Friday Harbour, or a pub, such as Iron Horse. In the warmer months, take the meeting outside with a round of golf at one of the many courses in Innisfil, such as the championship-worthy National Pines Golf Club or Innisfil Creek.


Make a stop into the Nottawasaga Futures office to find out about local business financing options, speak with a business consultant or access hundreds of resources to grow your start-up. 


Finish the afternoon of work and then head to the Innisfil Farmer’s Market to grab fresh food for dinner. Enjoy an evening of activities with the kids, such as hockey at the Innisfil Recreation Centre or Lefroy Arena, snowshoeing at Centennial Park or snowmobiling the beautiful trails in the winter. In the summer, the lake is at your beckon call for fishing, kayaking, SUP or launch your boat at the Innisfil Beach Park launch. Throughout your adventures around town, there’ll be no shortage of friendly conversation and casual networking. 


Recharge for the next day with a relaxing campfire while scanning your online community for opportunities that lie ahead.


Work and play don’t have be separate when you live and work in a community that thrives on blending both. To learn more about the entrepreneurial lifestyle in Innisfil and the benefits of building a scalable start-up in this growing community, join our mailing list for constant updates to our upcoming programs, services, workshops and more.