Growing an online community – and keeping it

We all want to have 3,398,349 followers on Instagram – but how do we get there? Here are some tips for growing an online community, and how to keep it engaged once you get there.


  1. Share Share Share


Create a different content strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – that way all your platforms are as content rich as possible. Remember to focus on quality over quantity – with the new algorithm rules you only need to be posting 2-3 times per week. Make those posts engaging and as awesome as possible.


  1. Find a voice


No matter what voice you choose to have, stick with it. Wendy’s has done a great job on Twitter with this sticking to their cheeky tone and harassing customers and even Mcdonald’s.

Not sure what voice to find? Think about your target market demographic and what they want to hear. Do NOT use your own voice just because you are the owner of your business unless that is what your target demo wants.


  1. Get interacting


Engagement is key! If you are using social just to post things, you are using it wrong. Spend 20-30 minutes a day looking up hashtags that are relevant to your brand, liking people’s photos and commenting on them. Asking people questions is a great way to get a conversation going and all this will help your content get more seen as well.


  1. Know what’s relevant 


Keep an eye out for what’s going on! Here we can see Oreo cashing in on a moment during the Super Bowl with something very simple but clever.



The more connected you can be on the web to everything else that is going on, the more your followers will want to stay engaged with you.