Pitch Decks to Get Investor Money

Your pitch deck (or slide deck) is your first communication with investors and is your opportunity to impress investors with the quality of your business as an investment. But what should you include within your pitch deck and how can you ensure you make an impression that resonates with your target audience? We’ll answer these questions as we explain how to create a pitch deck for start-up investors.

Begin by Introducing the Industry

Investors might have little understanding of your industry and the challenges that you’re going to solve through your business model. And so the first step, after introducing your company’s name and its branding, is to introduce the industry. Showcase the challenges that your company is going to meet and explain why these challenges exist.

Showcase Your Solution

Now you can highlight how your solution is going to address these specific industry challenges. You don’t need to go into great detail about how your solution works, but you should show proof that it has delivered the required results, whether through testing or through direct customer experiences. Ensure your audience clearly understands your brand’s value proposition and is buying in to your branding.

Explain Your Business Model

The next step is to showcase your business model. Here is where you can go into a little more detail to reassure potential investors that you have a model that works. When explaining your business model, you should go into detail about how the customer pays you and how the investor can benefit from this process. You should also lend some legitimacy to your pitch deck by showing your current projections and how these projections will look over the first year of business. Showcasing your projections can help assure investors their money is safe with your organization.

Highlight the Competition

One important element to consider when creating a quality pitch deck is to go into detail on the market dynamics and how you plan to address the issue of competitors. Who are the competitors within your industry, and what services do they provide? How will your company build its strategy to retain profitability in the face of competition from other firms? Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the potential impact of competition in your industry and have firm plans to navigate the competitive marketplace.

Finish with the Investment Ask

Here is the stage in the presentation when you bring each of your points together and discuss the potential investment that you’re asking for from your audience. When creating the content, ensure you are clear about the return the investor will receive for their investment and explain why this represents significant value.

By creating your pitch deck using the highlighted elements, you can create a comprehensive pitch that resonates across all audiences and ensures your business has the capital required to succeed over the long-term. To learn more about how to pitch to investors, follow Innisfil Invests In You on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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