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Capitalize on Local Shopping on Boxing Day

How Can a Small Business Capitalize on Local Shopping on Boxing Day?

The holiday season is here, and for businesses, that usually means two things: it’s a busy time for sales, and you’re going to work hard to earn those dollars. For Canadians in particular, one grand tradition is Boxing Day. A time when we try to recover from the celebration of Christmas just the day before and start to enjoy special sales and discounts.

If you’re a small Canadian business, you definitely want to take advantage of the shopping mood that locals will be in, but how? Try following a few of these tips to capitalize on local shopping on Boxing Day.

Prepare for the Event

The worst thing any small business can do is be the last minute, Johnny-come-lately to a Boxing Day sale or event. Don’t do that to yourself. Just like other Christmas sales, a Boxing Day sale takes time, effort, organization, and, most importantly, available staff to handle the extra activity from customers and clients.

Make sure that you take the time to figure out what items to put on sale, what pricing you’re comfortable with, and how many key staff members you’re going to need on the day. Knowing of all this information in advance is going to help you maximize on traffic. You can advertise appropriately, and when you have the right ratio of staff to customers, you can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Plus, if your business is available online, make sure you’ve planned for additional inventory and shipping needs.

Exploit Social Media

There’s nothing quite like advertising to tell people what you’re up to, and one of the best things about social media is that it’s timely, easy, and free. Make sure you take advantage of your established social media presence. If you don’t have one already, start thinking about creating one as your New Year’s resolution.

Social media is great for promoting local events, and if you’re a small, local business with a local shopping event, you fit into a great marketing niche. People always want to know what’s happening nearby, and social media is an easy, efficient way to get the word out without paying expensive advertising fees. You can even plan photo opportunities or start your own hashtag for Boxing Day to generate more free publicity from shoppers.

Don’t Forget Paper

People are so used to getting spammed by email promotions these days that print really stands out. One of the great, creative sales promotions (if you budget for it) is committing something to paper. You might want a decorative flyer or to even go all out with quality cards or special coupons for better deals when shoppers come to your store.

Consider Other Visitors

You want to pull in customers for your event, but sometimes the best way to bring in people is to appeal to the consumers you have yet to obtain. For example, try adding incentives or accommodations for special groups like pet owners or even shoppers with children. Give every shopper a reason to attend your local Boxing Day sale and purchase from you this season.

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