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Female Entrepreneurial Bootcamp – A Great Success!

Innisfil Invests In You is happy to report that our Woman’s Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing Bootcamp was a great success. Thanks to the wonderful teachers at Camp Tech, each local business owner who attended now has the knowledge and tools they need to make digital marketing work for their business.

The Bootcamp covered six digital marketing topics that many busy owners struggle with, incorporating a workshop every week for six weeks. The workshops included:  Digital Marketing On a Shoestring Budget, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Simple DIY Graphic Design Using Canva, Facebook Advertising, and Email Marketing with MailChimp.

We would like to thank Camp Tech for their knowledgeable staff and teachers, and for coming to Innisfil from Toronto on a weekly basis. We would also like to thank the 35 local female business owners who signed up for the Bootcamp and allowed this venture into supporting local small businesses to become a huge success.

The Bootcamp provided the women with a wealth of knowledge and created a tight-knit local entrepreneurial community in Innisfil by having all of these owners under one roof, and learning how to better their businesses together.

Innisfil Invests In You is excited to launch more initiatives to help local business, and the most recent development is the Small Business Accelerator which is a partnership with Ryerson where business owners are offered 8 hours of private coaching to help their businesses thrive in the local and online markets.

To get more information about the Small Business Accelerator and Ryerson Partnership visit:, to see if your business qualifies!

“We have a vision for the town of Innisfil. Our mission is about finding solutions – rather than putting up barriers, and as an entrepreneur, you will always feel like you’re in the right hands with Innisfil Invests In You. We understand how you think about your business, and our primary goal is to help you succeed and push forward.” – Innisfil Invests In You

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