Innisfil Invests in Local Entrepreneurs

Innisfil’s economy needs a jump-start and Innisfil Invests In You is helping do just that. As a growing town, Innisfil wants to support local entrepreneurs in new and innovative ways, to grow local businesses and increase jobs for the community.

Property in the city of Toronto has exceeded the half a million dollar mark, and that’s just for a tiny downtown condo apartment. Imagine instead a home, with a garden. A place where you know your neighbors. Imagine a place where you can run your business, make it to your kid’s school concert and have dinner on the patio, all without breaking a sweat and zero commute.

Innisfil Invests In You is literally investing in the future of our town, our residents, and in our local economy, in hopes to keep more people closer to home during the work day, so they can better enjoy what Innisfil has to offer.


What Does Innisfil Invests In You Actually Invest In?

Innisfil Invests in Startups!

We are a municipal government that operates at the pace of a quickly expanding business! We are a Town of Entrepreneurs and Innovators that is constantly on the hunt for new businesses to work with. Innisfil is the next ‘it’ community and Innisfil is going to invest in your business every step of the way, no matter its shape or size.


Innisfil Invests in Business Success!

Getting your business off the ground, or moving it to a new town can be difficult. Our Economic Development team will make it easy with our unique concierge process. We will guide you through all the steps like site selection, important paperwork, access to our investment network, and dealing with all of the government processes.


Innisfil Invests In Business Education!

Not only does Innisfil Invest in You walk you through the process of starting and moving you business into a position of success, we also aspire to educate our community on the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. We will offer a number of hands on workshops that will teach business owners in our community how to make their business even better!


Innisfil Invests In Your Lifestyle!

According to Stats Canada, participation and employment rates are higher in Innisfil than Ontario for the overall population. Approximately 11,915 Innisfil residents commute to work out of town. That means that 82%  of the local population is employed outside of Innisfil.

Our goal is to create more jobs within the town of Innisfil, and to reduce the number of residents who commute to Toronto for work. By focusing efforts into entrepreneurs, their businesses, and our residents, this goal can become a reality for our community.

Innisfil Invests In You invites you to continue to learn with us as we embark on our journey. The first initiative is a BootCamp to encourage entrepreneurial education and digital literacy for female business owners starts on November 6th 2018.

To learn more visit the blog weekly and find out what these business owners are learning.