Benefits for Your Bottom Line

Our initiative is built with a focus on the idea that the future is female, and that our local economy will greatly benefit from the skills and abilities of the female business owners in our community.

Bringing women in business together for a Six Week Digital Workshop is our way of giving back to our economy. These women can grow a digital presence and knowledge, that will not only improve their bottom line but also help the local economy as their businesses start to take off.

The following six skills will help outline the benefits to business owners how these new skills can help grow their businesses.


Benefits For Your Business

  1. Digital Marketing On a Shoestring Budget

Digital marketing is powerful. By using a number of free tactics online with the knowledge gained from the workshop business owners will walk away knowing how to reach and engage their target audience online.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Marketing using social media can help any small business. The major benefit is social media’s ability to grow brand awareness.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term time investment for your business, but when done correctly SEO is a cost-effective way to generate relevant traffic leads and sales.


SEO Software, Tools & Resources:

  1. Simple DIY Graphic Design

The benefit of learning how to do graphic design on your own as your business is in a growth phase is mostly a cost reduction. Most start-ups cannot afford to hire a graphic designer at $60+ per hour. Learning the basics and keeping with a cohesive brand will help your business grow brand trust.


  1. Facebook Advertising

The unique benefit from Facebook Advertising is the ability for the platform to help you reach your exact target audience. This precision ensures your investment is going to drive traffic and conversions from qualified users.

Facebook Ads:

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fast and cost-effective way of reaching your current client base with promotions and news about your business.

Email Marketing Platforms:

Mail Chimp:

Elastic Mail:

There are hundreds of benefits that digital marketing will have on your business. Innisfil Invests In You is trying to ensure that the community has access to knowledge and the skills to maintain an active and effective online presence.

Follow the journey with Innisfil Invests In You and discover how you can use digital marketing techniques to improve your business!